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I want to die
Every day I cry
But nobody knows
I live in the shadows

I hate my life
Looking at that knife
I want to play darts
The target will be my heart

I'm always thinking about death
Dreaming of my last breath
But I've got to admit
I just can't get myself to it

I'm panting in agony
Hoping to find the key
To unlock my happiness
But this wish is hopeless

I'm just like a zombie
My heart is always cloudy
My body feels lifeless
It's not like anybody could care less
Dead wishing death
I know, I know, I often write very dark things... Writting just helps me to live througt these emotions. Also I wrote this a little while ago, when I was feeling quite terrible.

Ps: sorry for the mistakes
We destroyed each-other
When we needed the other the most.
We killed and broke our hearts,
When we needed love the most.

In despair, in pain!
We were blind to the other's ache.
I brought you down with me,
Forgetting you were hurt as well...

Today we are far apart,
We let the feelings take over,
We let it end it all
And broke us apart.

You've probably forgot me entirely
While I'm here, remembering...
Realizing what a mistake I did.
Hoping you'll think of me

I'm hurt by the regret
Of pushing you out of my life!
It makes me want to go back in time
And find a solution.

I know we couldn't escape it!
But I wish there was a way out...
At least to leave in peace,
Holding you in my arms, one last time.

Today I think of you,
In a new perspective.
And I foolishly hope,
That you'll forgive me...

And remember me.
Do You Remember
I've been sooo busy lately, I still have a great couples of poems to post, but I barely had any time to open my computer, except for school projects... And labs... Anyways! New poem! I'll try to post them once a week like before, but I can't promise anything!

Ps: sorry for the mistakes
I've found my ultimate dream,
My one and only goal in life.
I want to dedicate myself,
To make the most beautiful thing:

Smile, help, give hope, inspire!
To give the most positive impact possible.
That's all I want.
And That's all I need to be happy.

To me it's given given.
A smile makes me smile.
Helping, helps me feel better.
Giving hope, makes me believe...

In my opinion,
It's the most wonderful thing,
That I could ever think of!
Just the tough of it gives me the feels...

To have that power,
Would just give a reason...
A meaning, to my life!
And something to make me smile... Every day

And I know I can do it!
Because I want to.
There's no reason for me not to.
So I'm here to save the day!

I'm here if you need me, smile :)
Life ambitions
So I'm planning on posting a poem every weekend. I wrote a lot this summer and I even wrote recently, so I have like many poems that I want to post... I like to write when I feel down, in general, so there might be really depressive things I post... But that's not really new, is it?
I had such determination
Climbing up here
I'm fed up with frustration
Now everything is clear

In front of this beautiful view
I'm just sitting and admiring
The people around don't have a clue
That inside I'm dying...

Into this beautiful nature
And off the cliff
I'll erase my future
Wondering 'what if'

Feels like I'm floating
On top of the world!
I'll end it, jumping
into the dream world!
Top Of The World
OUPS! I aid I'll post this a week after the next one... And I completely forgot! Blame school... Anyways: it's here now! This poem is inspired by me and my friend's last and eleventh photoshoot. During the summer I wrote a few poems that I'll be posting on weekends until I'm out of poems! (They are quite sad, but that's because I had a depressive episode during the summer and I felt the need to write so...)

You can go see that photoshoot here:…
All of the poems inspired of our photoshoots here:…
You can go check out my friend's deviantART here:
What happened to you?
You've changed so much!
And way too fast...
You've taken the wrong path.

Remember this playground?
How you used to be Minnie...
And I used to be Mickey,
We were young and innocent.

But I should say;
You were young and innocent,
Because I still am...
And you should still be.

Seeing you breaks my heart.
You think you're cool!
With your new friend and...
Your new addiction.

I want my Minnie back!
But you killed her...
You've made a whore out of her!
And it's sad. And it's heartbreaking.

Now you're here.
The same playground.
But not the same game for sure...
Not at all...

Instead of living the game,
You play with your life.
And you don't even care!
I wonder if you even realize it...

I don't want to be part of your life.
You're not you anymore,
I loved Minnie mouse...
So Mickey's going away!
Mickey Mouse
This poem is inspired by me and my friend's tenth photoshoot. I'll be posting a poem for the last photoshoot that remains next week.

You can go see that photoshoot here:…
All of the poems inspired of our photoshoots here:…
You can go check out my friend's deviantART here:

I'm posting a poem every tuesday and friday until the end of august! ;D


lolnyny's Profile Picture
Fanny Lortie
Hi! I am a polyvalent artist, you can see in my galery I have artisan craft, photography and litterature, most are poetry or photography. I also really love music and I am a young teenager who just love the arts!

Ps: I also have a youtube channel (MadMaracasOnFire) where I upload all kinds of videos including the making and behind the scenes of the photoshoots I do with my friend, also I'm part of a band called Seeking Out Silence, links below.

My friend's DeviantART (we do photoshoot):
On Youtube:…
My Band:…
On Twitter:
On Tumblr:
As you may know me and my friend Valeska (grisouICSH) every once in a while make photoshoots together and we post it on her deviantART account (because she's the one who comes up with the idea, chose the outfits, etc.. I'm just taking pictures and posing) and I have a youtube channel (MadMaracasOnFire) where I make videos.

I've made two videos with all of our photoshoots (including only few of our photos) and behind the scenes of them (I filmed a little bit when we were making the photoshoots or meanwhile editing the pictures). When we make more photoshoots I'll make new videos too. 
So if you are interested you can go check out my channel, where I posted the videos about the photoshoots and where I am also planning on uploading videos of me reciting some of the poems I wrote here on DeviantART (if you have any suggestion I'll gladly take them).
Also if you want to see our photoshoots you can go check that out on Valeska DeviantART, I'm going to put links at the end of this journal entry.

My Youtube channel: 
Valeska's DeviantART (there is a folder for each photoshoot in her gallery): 
First video for the photoshoots: Photoshoots video #1 (with Valeska Bastien)
Second video for the photoshoots: Photoshoots video #2 with Valeska Bastien
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