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Fanny Lortie
Hi! I am a polyvalent artist, you can see in my galery I have artisan craft, photography and litterature, most are poetry or photography. Mostly poetry. I also really love music, I play guitar, and I am a young teenager who just love the arts!

Ps: I also have a youtube channel (MadMaracasOnFire) where I upload all kinds of videos including the making and behind the scenes of the photoshoots I do with my best friend (Valeska) (grisouICSH on DA).

My friend's DeviantART (we do photoshoot):
On Youtube:…
On Twitter:
On Tumblr:


Mon cœur bat
Mes lèvres sourient
Le bonheur ne part pas
Il domine ma vie

Avant, j'étais plutôt habituée
À avoir la gorge noueuse
Mais un jour, tu es arrivée
Et depuis, je suis si heureuse

Je ne sais point quoi dire
Mis à part je t'aime et merci
Et j'espère que tu peux lire
À quel point je t'apprécie

Je t'aime tant
Tu es mon trésor
Qui me fait oublier le temps
Dans un magnifique confort
Time passes by
Just like a shooting star
What was only last year
Is like a light year from now

I look at the past with love
I'm happy and nostalgic
Mainly because I bloc the sad parts
But maybe it's for the better

I remember you and all of us
And I'm just so grateful
For all the good friends that I have
And have been there for a while now

After all of those light years
Who were so short and long
It's time to go our own ways
We'll get all teared apart

But There is one thing I'm sure of
I will look at you go and remember you
My sweet sweet shooting stars
With love, nostalgia and happiness
End Of A Galactic Era
This poem is dedicated to my group of friends, they're like my family <3 I really love them, but this year is our last year of high school and after that , we won't be going to school together everyday... So I wrote this poem.

Ps: Sorry for the mistakes 
There's always a rainbow
Coming through my window
But I'm too dumb to see
That it's coming to me

There's often a dark cloud
Making my fears really loud
Hiding the rainbow behind
Lost in the back of my mind

My pain makes me numb
And I'm just like a phantom
My vision turns to black and white
The rainbow disappears with twilight

I can see the rain falling
It's the dark cloud crying
Or is it just my phantom
So used to sadness, so dumb

And then I open my eyes
As I start to realize...
Is the cloud really dark
Or is it my vision being dark
I want to understand myself
To understand my life
To get out of this black hole
And see the light of day

I feel so lost, mostly scared
I don't know what I'm doing
Or what I'm going to do
And what I want to do

Time flies by so quickly
It scares me to death
I feel the clock thinking
I feel it inside my veins

Everything happens so fast
Only memories seems to exist
And I'm still here, losing time
Losing time being lost and still

I want to go somewhere
But I don't know where
I just can't hold on anything
Because it disappears almost instantly

I don't want to spend my life
Wanting and wishing to live
Without actually living it
And dying with sadness and regrets

I don't want to let things go
But it's all already gone
And I can't seem to plan
Anything for my future...

I don't understand life
I need to press pause
Just for a moment,
I want it all to stop

Time flies by so quickly
It's so scary, I'm not living
I'm only remembering the past
While the present disappears

Lost and scared
Can we all stop now
Take a break and just think
And look at the life around us

Slow down for a moment
What is life? Look here and there.
You've been missing out,
Running around all the time

I just want to understand
I just want a real life
Not like society means it
But like my heart feels it
A Smooth Heart Is Not Meant For Fast Society
It's a poem... It's something I wrote. basically.

Ps: Life update! I've made a video (… ) with one of my poems! (Listen...:… ) on youtube! I want to do this for other poems, so if you like it and you have any suggestions of what poems I should make a video with... Then tell me please I would appreciate it! :)

Pps: sorry for the mistakes (as usual, do I really need to still write this... whatever)

Ppps: Hope you're doing great! :hug: 
"I wish I would have
If only there would
I hoped for someone
I should have done"

These lines are so, so...
Way too familiar
Everybody wanted,
But nobody did.

Everybody hopes for a saviour
But nobody has the guts
To get up and save others
We just all hope together

Everybody hurt
Everyone's sick
But there's no doctor
Everyone alone waiting

Everybody loves
And they all hurt.
Nobody loves back,
Or at least nobody speaks.

There's no ears
Only mouths.
Complaints and cry
No one wants to help

We're everyone here
Criticizing the society we are
Hating on the people like us
That shut their ears

This world's too dumb
Nobody understands
We need to act and speech
To stand up, or nobody will
If you wanted, why didn't you
I don't really know if this is really a poem, or whatever it is. Here's some toughts in free verses that fits tegether or something...
The world needs more ears.
As you may know me and my friend Valeska (grisouICSH) every once in a while make photoshoots together and we post it on her deviantART account (because she's the one who comes up with the idea, chose the outfits, etc.. I'm just taking pictures and posing) and I have a youtube channel (MadMaracasOnFire) where I make videos.

I've made two videos with all of our photoshoots (including only few of our photos) and behind the scenes of them (I filmed a little bit when we were making the photoshoots or meanwhile editing the pictures). When we make more photoshoots I'll make new videos too. 
So if you are interested you can go check out my channel, where I posted the videos about the photoshoots and where I am also planning on uploading videos of me reciting some of the poems I wrote here on DeviantART (if you have any suggestion I'll gladly take them).
Also if you want to see our photoshoots you can go check that out on Valeska DeviantART, I'm going to put links at the end of this journal entry.

My Youtube channel: 
Valeska's DeviantART (there is a folder for each photoshoot in her gallery): 
First video for the photoshoots: Photoshoots video #1 (with Valeska Bastien)
Second video for the photoshoots: Photoshoots video #2 with Valeska Bastien
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