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Have you ever heard about
Having the whole world
Weight on your shoulders?
Have you felt like it?

I just can't get up.
I want to do something,
But I can't even get up!
I lost my hope and motivation...

What's the point...
Why would I even try,
When I know I'm going to fail!
Because I know it.

I lost my only spark.
My world is dark.
I'm lost because I can't see.
I can't see without any light...

I feel like I'm drowning.
Falling in a black hole,
In an empty universe...
Never reaching an end.

I kept on going under,
Until I couldn't see anymore...
And now I feel disconnected
And completely lost.

The emptiness in my heart
And the emptiness all around me,
Is so heavy. It's pressuring me.
I'm shrinking and dying...

It never ends.
My heavy void
Here's a new poem! I still have quite a few wainting to be posted on here so I think I'll be posting more often! That's all I have to say....

Ps: sorry for the mistakes
There are a lot of things
In this world
That matters so much to us.
To me, music is one of them.

Probably the most important one.
It means just so much to me.
And then there are those songs.
Those songs that are magic.

Songs that were always there,
Songs that defines you,
Songs that bring back all of the memories,
Songs that makes your heart fly.

You could listen to it for ever!
There is just a something,
Something so strong...
A true love towards this music.

It could save you anytime,
Make you smile in the hardest times,
Make you cry for no reason,
It helps you to keep going on!

I can only do my best to describe it,
In all its beauty. But only the sound...

Your heart is flying so high
You feel your face glitter,
Your eyes are shinning bright.
A smile appear on your face

And you focus on that song,
And only that song.
Because in that moment,
Nothing else matters.
Those Songs
So, when I wrote this poem, I re-discovered a song that was part of my childhood and that I'm very fond of, it's "Life In Technicolor" by Coldplay and it inspired me this poem. (I've also felt like this with "La Valse d'Amelie" by Yann Tiersen... Also part of my childhood) <3

Ps: Sorry for the mistakes
They say that I'm a monster
It turned me into a killer
The gun's aiming at me
I'm going to be free!

Free from their insults
Free from my pain
Life was too difficult
So I'll explode my brain

It's the only salvation
My demons they won
It's My only way out
I have no more doubt

So today I say goodbye
I'll be part of the past
Today is the day I die
I'll be free at last!
Free At Last
I don't know what to wrtie n descriptions anymore... At some point when I wrote this I was depressed and inspired and I wrote... End of the story!

Ps: Sorry for the mistakes
I hate this person so much
They're ruining everything
I don't know why they're existing
Disgusting as such

I feel the need to murder
Growing inside of me
I want to set free
My inner monster

The more I think
The more I'm sure
This person is not secure
They'll be gone in a blink

I really am going to kill somebody
I just can't bare anymore
With this total whore
And that person is me


lolnyny's Profile Picture
Fanny Lortie
Hi! I am a polyvalent artist, you can see in my galery I have artisan craft, photography and litterature, most are poetry or photography. I also really love music and I am a young teenager who just love the arts!

Ps: I also have a youtube channel (MadMaracasOnFire) where I upload all kinds of videos including the making and behind the scenes of the photoshoots I do with my friend, also I'm part of a band called Seeking Out Silence, links below.

My friend's DeviantART (we do photoshoot):
On Youtube:…
My Band:…
On Twitter:
On Tumblr:
As you may know me and my friend Valeska (grisouICSH) every once in a while make photoshoots together and we post it on her deviantART account (because she's the one who comes up with the idea, chose the outfits, etc.. I'm just taking pictures and posing) and I have a youtube channel (MadMaracasOnFire) where I make videos.

I've made two videos with all of our photoshoots (including only few of our photos) and behind the scenes of them (I filmed a little bit when we were making the photoshoots or meanwhile editing the pictures). When we make more photoshoots I'll make new videos too. 
So if you are interested you can go check out my channel, where I posted the videos about the photoshoots and where I am also planning on uploading videos of me reciting some of the poems I wrote here on DeviantART (if you have any suggestion I'll gladly take them).
Also if you want to see our photoshoots you can go check that out on Valeska DeviantART, I'm going to put links at the end of this journal entry.

My Youtube channel: 
Valeska's DeviantART (there is a folder for each photoshoot in her gallery): 
First video for the photoshoots: Photoshoots video #1 (with Valeska Bastien)
Second video for the photoshoots: Photoshoots video #2 with Valeska Bastien
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